Bushtec Performance Sport Trailers
180 Mt. Paran Road
Jacksboro, TN 37757
Phone: 888.321.2516
Fax: 423.562.9911
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Bushtec is known for the best performing, highly engineered motorcycle pull behind trailers and hitches on the road, with safety, style and top quality fit and finish you will find nowhere else. Our touring trailers feature no-bounce air ride suspension and a 360-degree swivel joint, acting in concert with your vehicle so you won't even know you're hauling cargo. Plus we make top-quality hidden motorcycle hitches for hundreds of American and Import motorcycles, and loads of custom paint, parts and accessories to customize your trailer.

Bushtec Trailers for Cars and Trucks

Renowned for our trailers being pulled behind motorcycles, Bushtecs are also uniquely viable, given our engineering and design capabilities, as cargo trailers for cars and trucks! Check out some examples here, and give us a call to order a very stylish trailer for your car or truck!

NEW! Indian Motorcycle Hitches & Electronics!

Bushtec has engineered and manufactured motorcycle hitches - and electronic relays - to fit new Indian Motorcycles! Place your order today!

Bunkhouse Camper Trailers and Trigg Trike Kits

Bunkhouse is part of the Bushtec family, offering the best small camper trailers for motorcycles and automobiles! Trigg Trike Kits, a convenient trike conversion kit to fit Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha or Kawasaki motorcycles, is now a Bushtec company as well. Trigg converts your bike to trike - and back again - in minutes.

Trigg Trike Kits and Bunkhouse Camper Trailers are made at the Jacksboro, TN, plant along with Bushtec trailers. Jacksboro happens to be nestled in some of the best touring country, so a visit to the factory is highly recommended! Call 888.321.2516 to learn more - and order - today!